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Have the sliding doors on your agricultural buildings fitted with our quality sliding track door components.


P.D.M. Track It Door Gear provides clients with high-quality sliding door track components for agricultural buildings.
Our precision engineered patented flange sliding door tracks are made from high-quality galvanised steel. Their durable, long lasting design makes them a permanent solution to a client’s sliding door track requirements.
The modern, practical design of our flange track system means the sliding mechanism is encased within a strong, steel sleeve. This sleeve protects the mechanism and stops debris and blockages from interrupting the smooth sliding system.
The sleeves unique design makes it incredibly strong while being easy to install inside any agricultural buildings.

To discuss the sliding door track requirements of your agricultural building, get in contact with P.D.M. Track It Door Gear today.


Our flange sliding door track system was engineered to fit the requirements of agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings. The durable design was engineered for absolute simplicity of installation and the practical requirements of a working environment. All our pieces are built to last and require almost no maintenance.

Our components are available in a range of different sizes and as such we are sure to have the appropriately sized part for the sliding doors in your agricultural property.

Flange Track System

For advice on the appropriately sized component for your property, get in contact with P.D.M. Track It Door Gear today.

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