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For quality industrial sliding door components, get in contact with P.D.M. Track It Door Gear today.


P.D.M. Track It Door Gear provides quality sliding door tracks for use in industrial properties.
Our flange sliding door track system is an elegant sliding door mechanism solution. The running gear components are encased in galvanised steel and are protected from debris and possible blockages.
The unique fixed sleeve system eliminates the need for brackets and as such our flange door components are extremely easy to install.
All our flange doors are fitted with draught strips which come affixed with a tough strip of rubber. This rubber strip eliminates draughts and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination in between areas in an industrial plant. This ability to sequester sections of a plant has made our flange sliding door track system particularly popular in the food manufacturing industry.

For more information on the advantage of our sliding door track components for industrial buildings, get in contact with P.D.M. Track It Door Gear today.


Our patented flange door system’s quick installation, low maintenance requirements and durable design, make it the perfect sliding door mechanism for industrial plants. Our internal running gear is made from tough galvanised steel and is available in a range of different sizes from M12 Bolts all the way up to M14 bolts.
From larger siding doors for vehicles, to smaller doors for the unencumbered movement of employees, P.D.M. Track It Door Gear has the appropriately sized sliding door mechanism for all kinds of industrial properties.

Sliding Door Track

For more information on our range of sizes, get in contact with P.D.M. Track It Door Gear today.

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